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First post...and have some questions regarding headphone amplifiers.

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Hello everyone, here is what I have so far in my system:


Sony X777ES CD player.

Logtech Squeezebox v 3

Ipod Classic loaded with lossless songs, fed into a Wadia, then into a Monarchy Audio DIP classic.

I find myself listening to the Ipod most times as it is convenient and sounds great.


This is all fed through an Mhdt Havana balanced DAC, from there into my Eastern Electric Preamp and also into my Schit Lyr.

My headphones are the Audeze LCD-2 v 1.3 (Latest ones with the angled connectors)

My impressions so far: The biggest improvement was the Havana DAC. It's truly amazing both with my headphones and my speakers.

I have compared this against my Emotiva XDA-1 (Yes, don't shudder, it's actually not a bad DAC) and a Cambridge 840C using the internal DAC.

The Cambridge was loaned from a friend, I had it for a week as he was selling it but gave it back. The best word to describe it was "Glassy". I did not like the sound. Some people might and these impressions are purely subjective right? Audio is like women, your tastes are usually different than mine. However I would describe the Havana balanced DAC as the kind of woman that every man once he lays eyes on her, he lusts after her. Best way I can subjectively describe the Havana. Here I am going on about the Havana, sorry.

The Havana has one balanced out which goes to my preamp, and the unbalanced goes to my Lyr. I like it that way as there is no preamp in the audio chain.

I am looking for something a little better than the Lyr, I have been "almost" ready to plunk down my hard earned cash on a Woo Audio WA6 SE but then started reading through the forums and became even more confused.....

Here is what I have it narrowed down to:


First choice, the WA6-SE with the upgraded tubes, the Sophia Princess and driver tube options. For looks alone this thing is gorgeous and there is one post that even does a review with the LCD-2.

Next choice is the Meier Corda Classic. The price alone is almost half of the Wood Audio. I also find it interesting that they do something unique with stereo positioning for headphones. Although I wonder if someone would get tired of this?

I am also thinking:  What would be better as a step up from the Lyr?, I like the sound but think I could do better. And I have tried tube rolling and settled on a wonderful pair of Telsa 6922's.

So if anyone with either of these running an Audeze LCD-2 or something similar if you could comment that would be very nice. Any other suggestions of an amplifier that you use that works well with your LCD-2's?

Any suggestions very welcome and thanks to all who answer this!

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..Any answers...


I am seriously considering the Woo WA6-SE from reading the forums but it would be "nice" to get some feedback from some of the other members?

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