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Broken SE530s - what to do????

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So I've had my SE530s that I purchased from a member on this forum for maybe about 2 years now. Definitely my favorite set of IEMs and I've tried a lot. We last week as I was putting them in my ear, the left earphone just broke!! I know it looks like a dog chewed it off or something but I swear the thing just snapped off. I'm quite upset and I don't know what to do from here. Contacted Shure and they said a replacement would be me basically paying $240 for a set of SE535s which I really don't want to upgrade to. Plus for $240 I could just buy a used set of these considering I paid $200 for them 2 years ago. My biggest question, is there anyone on these forums that knows how to fix these? I would gladly pay $100 to $150 to get an upgraded cable and get the housing fixed. 





I have a pair of SE425s that I'm using in the meantime. I just miss my 530s. They are definitely my favorite buds overall. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks!

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You can get them reshelled, or try to find the se530 housing online, perhaps someone on these forums have reshelled their's and have se530 housing lying around

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I reshelled my broken Shure SE530 with Unique Melody (see my review). It cost 469$ to add 4 drivers (worth it), or just 169$ I think for a simple reshell. Build quality is top notch.
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Sorry to bump this thread but the same thing happened to me (Right nozzle broke off). I contacted Shure Aus and they wanted to charge $317 for an out of warranty replacement. For that money I might as well upgrade to the SE535. Anyway just wonder what you ended up doing clickclickw00t? I'm still contemplating the idea of reshelling.

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Reshelling is awesome as I said and the thread starter did not seem to care as he did not even answer our suggestions...
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Hahaa sorry about the late reply, I was going through some financial difficulty at the time, and I didn't have the money to pay UM 200+ for a reshell.. My shures are actually getting reshelled right now with Rob from Inearcustom




He's a really cool guy and only charges $112, which is a killer deal. HE sends you the impression material and you make the impression yourself. I did mine in under 5 min.

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Funny same thing happened to me.  But my happened the day I got it.  Was taking off the grey sleeves to put some foam sleeves and the nozzle snapped.  But it was more of a clean snap so I super glued it.  But yours look kind of messy for super glue.  So far it's working.   You can try putting the yellow foam tips over the little nozzle you have left.

You would just have to adjust for the length on the other side.

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