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Some good Amp Advice (New B?)

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Hi, first post so sorry if its not quite what it should be.


I am currently using a pair of Sennheiser HD 600's paired with a Asus Xonar Essence XT, and I was wondering what a good addition to the setup might be.


My main question would be if a DAC/AMP is worth it. From what I understand a DAC would only be used in most situations to convert binary to wave, and my card already does that. I realize that there are a good deal of better DAC's out there, but if buying a 300$ DAC will only make a minor difference I can go without.


Secondly I know my card has an amp to support 600 ohm and my headphones are only 300ohm, but from what im reading I still might want to pickup an amp to run Card to Amp to Phones. Again how big of a difference would I notice if I used say a Little Dot Mk.III something affordable like that.


Thirdly if I am better off using a DAC/AMP is the card useful at all?


Finally if you could support whatever you think is best with a suggestion of setup that works with my 600s, (and preferably my card) by offering suggestions of specific additions that would be great. I dont have much experience and I want to avoid a terrible setup.


Thanks for looking!


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1) Get a good set of headphones (HD 600/650 for example)

2) Enjoy the improved sound

3) Add a DAC (A good intro DAC is the Asus Xonar Essence One)

4) Enjoy the improved sound

5) Buy a headphone amp (Schiit, Bottlehead)

6) Enjoy the improved sound

7) Repeat this process with better equipment. :)


It is an endless journey.  The HD600's are a good start, so you can skip step 1 and 2 this round.  

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OP already has a pair of HD 600. I cant comment on the quality of your DAC section of your card as I've never heard it before, but assuming its OK good amplification is a must in my opinion for the HD600. I use the HiFiman EF5 and love it. As the post above me said you can't go wrong with schitt products or bottle head. Just look up some previous HD600 pairings in the forums (there are many threads on the subject). Good luck in your audio journey. wink.gif
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