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Well, I went ahead and bought the Logitech UE6000. Compared it side by side with my Senn Momentums, and quite a few headphones I already own.

LinkPro: I agree with u, the bass totally overwhelms the instrumentals, and with NC on, the buzz is really irritating, especially on piano pieces. However, I realized that most of the music I listened to was more atmospheric instrumentals, so clarity isn't a big a deal as immersiveness.. Tried the Sony at the store..didn't like it, ugly as well,

Mpawluk91: took your advice and got the white ones. Looks awesome. It's 2x the size of my Momentums, and if I shake my head, it slips off, but damn is the bass sweet.. Howeverm I don't have an Amp and I do miss the clarity.

Mini review:
+Great bass, really powerful especially with NC on
+stylish, especially the white ones
+NC, and works without as well

-big. Easy to slip off if u got a small head
-bassey, like Dr.Dres
-more sound leakage than expected
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I listen to mostly metal and rock it gets the job done for sure
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I listen to mostly metal and rock it gets the job done for sure
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These are awesome for metal!!!
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Originally Posted by tannerbnd View Post

These are awesome for metal!!!
I know right
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 The monoprice designed for mobile 3.5mm cables work for these headphones as replacement cables. They have 3ft 6ft and 10ft all for around 4 bucks. I found these cables to work better with my fiio e11 amp than the stock cable but with all that being said the overall SQ is not as good as my sennheiser hd 598.

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How much sound do they isolate? And can they bring life to rock music?

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Originally Posted by Sten View Post

How much sound do they isolate? And can they bring life to rock music?

In the first and 3rd pages it was already said that they isolate well (they have noise cancelling...) but leak a lot and at the top of this page 2 people just said that they are great with rock music.

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They isolate well for the way they were intended. They will not isolate near like the bose do, but they were not set up that way. They isolate at a very narrow low band, and then that same low (bass) band is boosted in the music. I find this to work very well for drowning out low hums like , planes, and car rides, and etc... it almost seems as though outside voices are actually boosted, though I cannot prove this, so you can hear people talking to you, like flight attendants, for instance. If you are looking for something to block ALL noises, then these are not for you. But if you want to block just the deep bass outside noises. Then, with the combination of active low frequency block, and increased bass, then these are for you, as they sound pretty darned good.
In passive mode, the passive isolation ks pretty good (for being passive), so that is another option. Keep in mind though, that in this mode, the treble needs some help (IMO).
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WOW i just got these and they are great, sound is great, with the NC on there is a hissing sound but you cant hear it when you turn it up a little bit, just today i got the Bowers & Wilkins P3, and ohhh my were they bad, one of the worst headphones i tried, these are so much better in every way, i,m glad i got these. With the NC one there is a bass boost and treble boost.

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Not sure if you dont have defective hp. What media player you use for these? Maybe the hiss is from that?
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I use my Ipod Touch 5G, i will try a different Media Player.

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That is what I use also, but I have no hiss at all. Let me know how it goes. I'm interested to hear whether you still have it with a different player.
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I just tried it without connecting it to anything, when i turn the ANC on, there is a hissing sound, its not loud but i can hear it, so when you turn you ANC on you dont hear any noise? not even the slightest?. Thanks

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Just tried it hooked to nothing. Nope, I hear 0 hiss. Maybe you got a pair with a bad circuit or something. I have read some that have had this issue, but that was back when they first came out.
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