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Its actually an older device used to convert Vinyl to digital format. for the time it was released... it was very good tech. Steinberg is written along top of the device and it came with an early version of wavelab. very neat device. still havnt got the usb to work in my pc however... it powers on with light but windows 7 cant find the device and doesnt even try to find it. hmmm

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haha I finally solved the mystery! If anybody knows where to download the software and manuals/pdfs for this I would really appreciate it. I looked all over Steinberg and Pinnacle's support and downloads sites... found nothing. thanks for all the help guys! :D

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I've got one and I'm looking at it right now.  Back in the day Steinberg had a product called CLEAN which was very good at vynil clean up (hisses/pops/etc).  This device was in the box with the CD-ROM.  It is basically a pre-amplifier and RIAA equalization device (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIAA_equalization amongst others) that applies the necessary equalization to phono level signals and boosts them to line level for input to a soundcard in a desktop computer.  It's analogue all the way through, with phono inputs via the L and R RCA plugs and line level output through the mini stereo jack socket at the top front.  Sorry to say that as I recall the mini USB on the back of the device is to pick up USB power only.  When you connect this the pilot lamp on the top front glows a nice shade of blue ;-)  As an RIAA preamp it works quite well for an entry level consumer device and if you have any old vynil it enables you to play and capture it to your PC/Mac and then do what you like with it.  The slider controls provide basic input and output attentuation (gain?).  There are probably better devices around that will do a better job but to be honest if the vynil's a bit messy to start with (and it nearly always is) there seems little point in spending a fortune on a preamp at the consumer level.  One of these days I'll get around to getting all of my vynil digitized and cleaned up but I've owned this little device for about 15 years now and still haven't gotten around to it.  The software that came with it is long extinct and there are probably lots of alternatives at these days would do a better job. 

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I bought it a long time ago for connecting a conventional good old record player to a PC. Now I'm trying to find the drivers for it! : ))

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