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Recable igrados

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I'd like to replace the chincy dental floss that came on my igrados but don't know where to start. I took them apart and see what needs to be done but don't know what parts to buy or where to buy them. I'm not looking for any sound change, just a cheap upgrade to better cables.

I saw a couple old threads where it was done but parts were bought in the UK. The many different types if cables is confusing to me too.

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You may be better shooting off an email to btg-audio about this.



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Thanks for the reply. That isn't a bad option. I'd like to try to make it myself though for fun and to save a couple bucks too.

I like the midnight cable he has. Anyone know what kind of cable I could order for something like that? I'm guessing the same place would have the sleeve too.
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I found this site but what type of cable do I want. I've read that some people just use speaker wire, braid it and cover it. Is that what is typically done or should I be looking at something else here?
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