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For Trade:
My BNIB JVC FXT90 for your Phonak PFE or Etymotic HF5

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a brand new FXT90 that's never been opened. I like the sound of FXT90, but I find that I am starting to gravitate more towards a neutral sound with more balance across the frequency spectrum. If you have the single driver Phonak PFE (doesn't matter which version) or Etymotic HF5 (HF5 only - I don't want the versions with microphones) - in great condition (does NOT have to be BNIB) and would like to switch to the more "fun" sounding FXT90, shoot me a PM. Since all of these IEMs are similar in price, this should be a straight trade - that is we only pay for the shipping with no extra cash added on neither side.



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