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For Sale: Audiophilleo2 (Price Reduced)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audiophilleo2 (Price Reduced)

Will Ship To: USA/Canada

Welcome to my little Head-Fi corner!


I bought this Audiophilleo2 last December from here.


Price includes everything. Shipping, etc.


It is in great condition and works perfectly.

It is the best S/PDIF converter I heard, though I haven't heard many to be fair.


I'm selling mainly because I need the money, since I spent all my money on a new DAC.


For pictures check the link above, if new pictures are a deal-breaker I'll get some. But it's really exactly like those pics.


It has all the adapters, the cable, card, everything.


If anything disclosed in this classified was different from the product you get, I will refund, no probs.


Feel free to PM with any questions at all.


And, either way, thanks for checking.


And sing while you may...

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Great price! Should go quickly! If I didn't already have one I would definitely snatch this one. 

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Thanks! regular_smile%20.gif

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Sale Pending...

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