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For Sale:
Ultimate cmoy

Will Ship To: U.S.

Up for sale is my ultimate cmoy headphone amp. Has 1/4in headphone out which is not easily found in battery powered portables. Owned for 7 months and has been used bout 450 hrs. Well taken care of and I dont see any cosmetic damage. This is also the hard black plastic or metal casing, not the thin metal altoid tin. My reason for selling is that I have moved on to a stride amp/dac combo. The amp is super easy to use small, lite, and powerful. Great beginner amp. The stock charger and 1/8in to 1/8in 18in cable is included.  I paid $80aud +$20aud shipping, around $115usd. This is a great chance for someone in the U.S. to get out of the pricey austrailian shipping as I will cover shipping and and paypal fees. Thanks for looking.

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