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Ok. I've been rethinking things and I think I am just going to go for one headset. Here's the deal. I have a buddy who can get certain headphones at a discount. I can either get one of these headphones or buy one at full price ($200 max).









DT770 Pro 250ohm



So...would you get one of the above or is there a better headset for around $200 on Amazon?

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Sorry. Closed headphone.

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All listed are closed phones except the akg's, they are open. Out of those I would buy the Q701 and get some smaller amp. They might not have the bass you want, though.

The momentums seems nice as portables. I kno they should have a quite warm tonality. The DT770 does have a good amount of bass, but not too much. They benefit alot from some amplification, though. Stay away from the P5

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Man. I really want the isolation. I have 3 kids and they are all at that age where they will not let me have an open pair.


So, if the Q701 is out of the picture what would you say is the next best? I'm hearing a lot about the ATH-M50. Would you say they are better than the list provided? What bout the PRO700MKII?

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If you don't need the 'phone for portability I would get a smaller amp, maybe a fiio or something, and the DT770. Don't know anything about the pro700... But I think they could be prone to sibilance. 

If you really need the portability and don't want to get an amp, maybe go for the m50. But there would be a sacrifice in sound quality

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I'm planning on getting an E17. I do want to get a headphone I can take with me anywhere. Eventually, I'll get one for late night listening in bed...maybe when I graduate. That one will be open.


As for portability, I don't know what it takes to be considered a "portable" headphone, but for me...as long as it is closed and can be stowed away in a bag or box I'm fine with carrying it around. I prefer headphones that go around my ears. I've tried the HD558's and I like the way they feel and their size. Unfortunately, those are open.

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The dt-770 might be too bulky... How did you like the hd 558?

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I liked the sound. Funny thing is, I just tried them today at a local best buy and they seemed to sound better to me than the other headphones on the wall. The Magnolia guy told me it's because the board they use to run the headphones doesn't do them any justice, but the HD558's sounded good because they were easier to drive. I kind of figured that. It's a shame they don't properly amp them.


Anyways, I liked the sound. I didn't think they were too bulky. It (the sound) just didn't feel like what I was looking for in a headset. Bass was OK, not great and the mids and highs were good, but I know it could be better. If I have to spend a bit more money to get what I want then I will. I just wish there was a store that sold a better selection of headphones in Orlando so I can try them out..


So the search is still on. $400, closed headphones, detachable cable. 

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Just an update. I went ahead and bought both the HD 558 and the Pro700MKII. I kept going back to the store to try the 558's out until I decided just to buy them and try them out at home in my environment. Love the sound, but unfortunately...I AM gonna need a closed headphone. I may return these.


The Pro700MKII's come in tomorrow. I'm gonna use those as my portable cans. They look like they have a strong build and could be fun to listen to.


I'm still looking for a closed set for home. No need for portability now that I decided to get another set for that. Still willing to spend around $400. Any recommendations now that I've changed things up again? (Sorry about that)

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