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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Yes, but why does it matter?

b/c it's dumb & silly, and there is no reason for a company to release proprietary cables when there is already an established universal standard except to make more profit by forcing consumers to buy their cables. it is an idiotic greedy move (imo of course) and I would rather spend my money elsewhere because of it.


it's like if some company released speakers that do not take RCA cables but use some random other proprietary connection system. doesn't make any sense.


edit: sry i just read about the mmx thing. well, i guess that makes it slightly better, but i still don't understand why you would use a more obscure connection format. for IEMs, I can understand b/c of size restraints, but for full-sized headphones, doesn't seem to make sense to me.

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If I remember correctly, both their IEM and headphone models use the samr cable connection type, which is probably why they use the non-standard connection type. I can sympathize, given hifiman's use of smc connectors.
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2 week impressions:
Comfort wise, these could use a use some softer, or larger pads. They also clamp a bit, though not like the M50, UE6000, or Focal Spirit One. Overal, the comfort is nothing special. Worse than the 1r, KEF M500, P7, but around the same as others.

SQ Wise: Really good. Especially at the price. The bass is some of the best ive heard, the mids and treble are perfectly balanced. Clear and spacious. I like them more than the 1R,, UE6000, Focal Spirit One, and others. They're strangely on the same level as the Momentum, M500, P7, and ATH WS99.
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Strangely, I'm not a fan of hip hop with these. After and before I reduce the bass about 5db on rockbox. I listen to a ton of other songs, and then I throw hip hop and the sound just gets boring. I think the reason for this is the lackluster mastering/recording of the tracks. The soundstage decreases instantly, pailing in comparison to the better recordings I have.

Though I guess my passion for hip hop has been decreasing steadily, as if it was high to begin with. I only listen to 1 artist (and only one for a while now).

For J-Rock these things do extremely well. Better than the it's dark competitors like the FS1, MDR 1R, WS99, arguably the momentum.
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I ordered these last week and they shipped out today. I don't have many headphones and these will probably easily be the best one that I have. I actually purchased my first headphones this year so I am very easily impressed. Fingers Crossed.

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I must admit I'm becoming tempted to pick one up from Frys, but not aure which model
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Just go with the FC300. The only differences are the cables.
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Anyone tried different pads on these? They sound so good, but the pads are just a tad too small and they get uncomfortable after a few hours.


I'm going to have to return them unless there's a solution.

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Not yet. Can't find anything.
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Too bad. They're so close to being around ear. it's crazy Onkyo didn't just bump up the diameter of the cups by about half an inch and solve the comfort issue. It's not like that's going to have a big effect on portability. If they were only comfortable for extended listening they'd be amazing at 150.

Generally I don't understand why there aren't more portable around ear headphones. For such a small trade off in portability you can get such a huge gain in comfort. No matter how good headphones sound, people aren't going to enjoy them if they're not comfortable.

I've ordered the soundmagic 100s instead. Only problem is the cups on them don't fold flat so they're overly large to lug around. Why can't someone make a portable, comfortable, good sounding pair of cans under 200?!
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Well the MDR 1R is definitely very comfortable. The Onkyo was meant to be on ear. If you try loosening the headband by stretching it beyond its elastic limit, it does wonders.

Go to the Martin Logan Mikros 90 thread. You'd surely be convinced.
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I know they are intended to be on ear, but they're nearly as large as around ear headphones. It seems like a poor decision for Onkyo: close to discomfort of normal size on ears and close to the portability issues of around ear headphones. They should have just made them a tick larger and gone for comfort, IMO, or made them smaller and gone for more portability. 


The Mikros don't sound like they're comfortable at all.


Sony's look nice but out of my price range.

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Originally Posted by kazuni View Post

Thanks for the recommendation.


The FC cable is far inferior to the HF cable (quite obvious to me when I was testing it with my Astell & Kern AK100 DAP) 



I'm now using a Hong Kong made cable called SwanAudio SA-08.  Hits the sweet spot before breaking in already.


I do agree that the pads aren't the best - and so far I'd usually have to push the external sides and adjust after wearing them over the head.  Starting to get used to it though.  No hair loss for me biggrin.gif  However I kinda regret that I bought the white coloured version... I'm afraid its colour would go eggshell after some time basshead.gif

have they yellowed? or egg shelled coloured after time?


the headband or the pads? 


love the white colour

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I'm a little surprised there isn't an appreciation thread on this headphone.  So far the sound to me is really quite good for the price, and I'm not really feeling comfort issues yet, altho it is strange they chose a cup size that keeps them between normal sizes for on or over ear.  I've been looking for a closed headphone for awhile, my best closed being a mix master I bought for $100 new.  While I like the MM for bass oriented music, I must admit this has a wonderfully all-around talent that I think I might end up reaching for quite a bit.  They don't beat out my current favorite headphones, but honestly I never expected that.  I might want to look into replacing the stock FC cable, but I'm not sure there'll be a point, I enjoy the sound as it is.

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I'm not.  The fan base just isn't large enough, and the sound signature, nor design of the headphones isn't special enough.  I did experience a few problems involving the fit, and channel imbalance. In the end I returned them.

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