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I concur.
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Has anybody familiar with the Onkyo FC300 ever done an A/B vs. the V-Moda XS?

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The design of these look somewhat similar to the AKG K67. Anyone listen to both? Not that I have either, just curiosity.

I would also like to add my thoughts with respect to my fellow Canadian over pricing. Its absolutely ridiculous that we have a dollar nearly on par with the US yet our Amazon expects us to pay double on nearly everything! Its a rip off. Someone once pointed out that a car built in Ontario Canada went for several thousand MORE here than it did , in the US, after being shipped south. "They" tell us its because we are willing to pay more, that America is more competitive, well, if any online Canadian retailer is reading this, guess what? We aren't stupid and will find ways to purchase through the much cheaper American retailers, so if you want business , maybe try ripping us off by a meagre 20% instead of 100%!

Sorry, rant over.

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