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Yup...this album DEMANDS to be listened to in hi-res.  And the hi-res is stupendous. 


I'm now completely smitten with the album.  As I thought it might, I appreciate the actual songs much better after about a half dozen plays.  Luminol, Watchmaker, and Drive Home are just incredible.  The whole album is really pretty special, but those three tracks especially stand out for me.

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I'm also loving this album. I find both Grace and Raven excellent. I couldn't possibly pick one over the other. And that's a blessing. So excited that music such as this is being created these days. 

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My CD finally shipped today.biggrin.gif

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I didn't really flip through the packaging when I first received my copy of the limited edition, but the artwork in the booklet is nice match for the tracks.  

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My CD arrived today. First listen was just over the computer speakers while I went about my normal afternoon routine, but first impression is positive. I think that will only get better once I have a chance to really listen to it.

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Anyone see the live tour for this album yet?  I'm seeing the show on the 9th at the Fillmore and really looking forward to it!

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REALLY enjoyed Friday's Steven Wilson show at Park West in Chi. Musically it was absolutely terrific. SW has continued to mature as a performer in very meaningful ways, and this band lineup he has assembled is amazing. Govan was awesome on lead guitar, and Theo Travis was also really awesome. Steven himself is singing better than he ever has, and he always was excellent. He also played electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, and mellotron, depending on the song.

The set was a mix of the whole of Raven (but not consecutive), and lots of good stuff from Grace Or Drowning and two from Insurgentes. The encore was the lone Porcupine Tree song - "Radioactive Toy", from the very first PT album, and it was KILLER.

The sound in the theater was generally very good except there was WAY too much bass. Almost can't believe I am saying that, but at times the bass was just too much.

Still, a really, really great show.
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^ Yes I took a look at his set lists and I expect they will play a similar lineup in San Francisco.  He's doing a record signing at Amoeba records tomorrow and I plan to get my Deluxe edition of the Raven and Grace autographed by him.  I also want to ask if he'd consider playing Radioactive Toy similarly to the version they did on Coma Divine where the song is broken down in the middle and builds back up.  It's my favorite rendition of the song that I've heard.  I also think Glass Arm Shattering might make a cool encore even though its not a very high energy song, I think it's very pretty.  

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I was psyched that they did Radioactive Toy, instead of the other encore they have been doing which is a blend of Remainder the Black Dog from GFD and No Twilight from Insurgentes. Much prefer Radioactive Toy and it was killer (even though in general I don't care for Porcupine Tree much until Signify - LOVE that and every following PT record).
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The show in Boulder on Monday night was fantastic. Very impressed with how the band was able to faithfully reproduce the long, intricate tracks from Raven but still find room to stretch out and make the renditions unique. Govan and Travis in particular added a level of improvisation that was just exactly perfect.

Wilson himself seems to benefit greatly from not being responsible for all of the guitar parts.
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Ah, Steven Wilson is playing the Fillmore in SF tomorrow night, but I already have plans to go to a baseball game. Decisions, decisions.  

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Marco Minnemann playing the drums for the tour?

He do a drum solo?
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Well, bought a ticket to tomorrow night's Steven Wilson show.  Now to see if my friend is able to find someone else to go to the Braves/Giants game or if I should just sell my tickets.  

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Originally Posted by Eee Pee View Post

Marco Minnemann playing the drums for the tour?

He do a drum solo?


Marco played in Boulder on Monday, even though I was led to believe that Chad would be drumming. No arguments from me! Nothing I'd call a "solo" in Boulder, I'm afraid... just amazing drumming all night.

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