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Philips L1 leakage?

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Just reading the L1 impressions thread and folks there seemed to claiming it is basically equivalent to a closed headphone in terms of of sound leakage out. I am dubious of this based on previous experience with semi-open phones. So now that people have had them for a while and the initial excitement has worn off, how much do they really leak? I am interested in using them on public transport, so potentially with someone's ear a foot away. I would Ideally prefer that person to be able to hear nothing. But I accept that is unachievable in non-IEMs, but I want truly minimal leakage. I personally hate getting stuck next to someone who has some semi-open buds that leak so much I can basically listen along with them.

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They do leak a bit externally at (really) loud volumes. That said, nothing in common with a 598 or actually any true open can.


Congrats on your avatar, btw ;)

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Its written semi-open. (open mostly) . Do not believe everything people post on this forums. 

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I don't have to, I own them. Nice try though.

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