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XB300 would be good to you.


It has powerful bass, but mid& high performance is not good.

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Bumping the thread, because I've been demoing the XB400 on and off for the past 12 months at my local Sony stores, and today it's official: it's possibly my favorite thing out of Sony's entire headphone/IEM lineup for 2013 and 14.


Now, I am not a basshead. My exposure to EDM is singing karaoke to Loreen in the shower. (even my body is refusing me...) So I use PowerAMP in Android to EQ the hell out of this thing. I bottom out the 3 lowest bands (31,62,125Hz), then I max out the 16kHz band and pull on 8kHz a little if I feel so inclined. What I get is surprisingly okay for general purpose listening.  It responded to the 16kHz band tug more than I expected.


Why do I do this? With this kind of EQ set up, I prefer the XB400 sonically & comfort-wise over many other Sony cans above and below its price range. The ones below it at the moment are the ZX110 and ZX310, won't even sit on my head properly. The V55 and Z600 above it are inferior and don't deserve their $80-100 pricing. The XB400 is also more interesting, and arguably better all-round than earlier low-end closed Sony cans like the MDR-570LP or the PIIQ series.


Now, the XB610 and 910 sound all right on their own, but you should know that I'm a little vain. I will not be seen wearing silver headphones! Black is the new black! :p  Like these two, the XB400's headband is one of very few that'll stick close to the contour of my head. Most other Sony headbands are designed so that they go outwards on my head, like one of those oval world map thingies sitting on me - really a very sorry sight indeed. My hair has already garnered comparisons to a Mister Londo Mollari; I really can't have my headphones add insult to this injury. Ugh! :rolleyes:


Today I also auditioned the MDR-10R and 1RMK2. Now, the 1RMK2 sounds price-appropriate, but the 10R really just felt subpar and pointless. My interest was piqued (PIIQed?) because local Sony dropped the 10R's price to $150US, but to me it's just really questionable. It feels like a deprecated version of the 1R, without the poise of the ZX700.


I listened to all three headphones with both no-EQ and EQ'd as I see fit, and I kept going back to the XB400. It's like reading one of those Japanese car critiques where they say "out of all drivetrain available for this Corolla, the base 1.3-liter is the most straightforward, it's got 80% the useful torque of the 1.6, and since it's not corrupted by sophistication, has got the best handling and ride". You know what, my mom had a base 1.3 with a non-electronic 3-speed auto, and it really is true, that was the best version of the car. As good as this metaphor is overwrought... :devil_face: 

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