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Does anyone have any suggestions?

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If you want bass go with the XB-500.

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Originally Posted by NA Blur View Post

If you want bass go with the XB-500.


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So which sounds better the XB500 or the XB400?  They are both at the same price range.  Every one compares the XB400 with the XB300 or with the XB600 but i haven't seen any comparisons   between the XB400 and XB500

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I could not find the charts for the XB-400 and I have not had the pleasure to listen to it.  That is why I suggested the XB-500 which is something I have familiarity.


If anyone has a pair ask Tyll Hertsens if he will measure them.

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i have the xb400, i am no audiophile, i want to start getting good headphones etc, but in my opinion $40 in Amazon... Not sure you can beat that. The bass goes super deep, playing bass boosted songs from the BassBooster2 on youtube (you can download songs from his channel in 1400kpbs wav files) the headphones sound amazing. Rap/hip-hop, dubstep, electronic, and some pop is what i listen to. these headphones dont distort unless there is too much bass. Normal songs barely have more bass unless its intended too, and bass boosted is... OMG cant imagine what the xb500, xb800, and xb1000 sound like...

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I just ordered the XB400s in blue and i was wondering if these headphones would benefit from a FiiO amp what do you guys think?

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Originally Posted by mikez541 View Post

I just ordered the XB400s in blue and i was wondering if these headphones would benefit from a FiiO amp what do you guys think?

i have blue ones too :) they look nice, only problem is the shiny outside scratches easily. the cord got stuck to my rolling chair when i pushed off the desk, the fell and know have little scratches :((. they aren't very noticeable tho. these headphones run great from my ipod touch 5th gen cuz they dont need a lot of power to run, so i think the fiio amp will be useless (but i have never tried it)

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I had both pairs of XB 400 and 600. If u prefer comfort go for XB 600, however the sound IMO is worst than XB 400. XB 400 is like thumping bang with good eq that is bu for XB 600 IMO, it's a sore deception to the eyes. XB 600 sounds like a blanket over the 400 if u ask me. Thus, 600 is much expensive than 400. But the built quality and comfort (better pads) is better than 400. So u ask me it's up to u, cheaper better sound ( then go with XB 400) or more comfortable and better built ( then go with XB 600)
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Iv'e had these headphones for around 4 months now. These are very comfortable i wear glasses and i can wear these for hours. The bass on these is amazing, it literally vibrates your ears.  Compared to the Beats by Dre solos the XB400 have better bass ( more bass, deeper, clearer) but the Solos have better highs and upper mids. But the price difference is also a lot so i don't know if that is a good comparison.  Any ways i do recommend the XB 400s if you are a Bass Head and don't want to spend too much for headphones, since these are only around 45$ on Amazon.  

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i had a hundred bucks,... wanted to buy xb 600 but thought 400 is cheaper so didn't want to spend a lot money... damn, i should've bought 600

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Hi everyone, I did not want to start a New thread but I am very interested in these headphones for the gym. I just have a question about them.
Can they be opened so you access the speaker Pcb? I have not seen any Pics of it being taken apart so I am just unsure of it right now.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Bought a broken pair off of ebay for a couple bucks and fixed them. These headphones are definately what I was looking for. I will now do what I can to try to open the ear cups and mod them for more portable use. Will post pics if I somehow manage to get it open.

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Definently the Sony mdr X05 has more bass and cleaner bass and deeper bass than the beats mixr and beats studio by far get the sony mdr x05

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