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Schiit Bifrost vs. Emotiva XDA-2

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Hi all,

I have a question for anyone who has experienced the sound from these two devices. Which would you recommend as a DAC? I currently have the Bifrost and want to pick up a dedicated preamp...but the XDA-2 looks very attractive for the price. It certainly makes sense purchasing this DAC/preamp over buying a USP-1, which I am looking to pair with the Bifrost.

Would there be a noticeable difference between the two, especially with the async? I'm trying to justify buying a separate preamp and forgoing the all-in-one solution, but common sense tells me that the XDA-2 might be the best solution with its digital preamp.   

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I've been looking at these two as well and would love to read a comparison. I am currently leaning toward the USP-1/Bifrost combination because it looks like the USP offers a subwoofer out while the XDA-2 does not.

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Gonna bump this thread as I am going back and forth between the two myself.

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I may not have the exact information that you are looking for, but let me give it a shot.


I did review both the Schiit Bifrost, and then the Uber Bifrost against the XDA-1.  From what I read on the Emo Lounge, the XDA-1 and XDA-2 are about the same in sound quality.  You can find my review with a simple Google search.


In my case, using the hardware discussed in the review, I felt that the non-Uber was about equal to the XDA-1 (the DI-V3 may have been a factor for each).  So if you do not have the Uber, the XDA-2 would likely be a side grade for you.


If you have the Uber however, look at the Stealth instead.  The XDA-2 will probably not be able to satisfy you after the Uber. 


As for the XDA-2 USB, if it is like the XDA-1 my thoughts are you'll need a good outboard USB-SP/DIF converter.  I did to try to clean up the bass.

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