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5.1 Blu Ray Music Recommendations

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I only have a couple 5.1 music Blu Rays, and was looking for any recommendations anyone has for new ones - concerts, symphonies, anything. My gold standard out of the two I own is Roy Orbison Black and White Night. Not only is it Roy Orbison, but the mastering is phenomenal, it sounds incredible, instruments are mixed into discrete channels, and the cinematography is superb. Do you guys have any favorites?

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If I understand correctly, you're looking for 5.1 blu ray music no matter which genre?

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Well, I guess rock, folk, jazz, or classical would be preferable, but I'm open to anything.


Edit: I should add a caveat that I'm looking for DTS-HD MA or Dolby True HD encoding, but I'm fairly sure all music Blu Rays go that route. 

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The best sound I've heard is Mehta's Valencia Ring cycle. There's an inexpensive highlights bluray that is worth getting.


These are samplers, but there's lots of great stuff on them...



The Royal Ballet version of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet is great too.


I get mad at B&W Night. There is no reason for backup vocals to be coming from the rear.

I haven't seen it on blu, just DVD, but Lee Ritenour's Overtime has incredible sound. I just ordered the blu for $7 at Amazon.

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Thanks bigshot, I'll check out the first Wagner collection you mentioned since you said its the best you've heard and the price is so low (i'm not particularly fond of Blu Ray pricing in general, so savings are good). I like the mastering quality of B&W Night, but don't really understand the backup vocals coming from the surround speakers either. It has the effect of suddenly switching your perspective as an audience member and puts you onstage looking out, since the claps and the backup singers come from the same channels, and its confusing. What I liked about B&W Night though (as opposed to my Rolling Stones concert BD, or Dolby Pro Logic applied to stereo) is that the mixer/engineer somehow managed to avoid the cacophony that's created when 5 different speakers output the same exact sounds, or rely too much on the center channel. It's that kind of cacophony I want to avoid, yet I want to get the most out of all these speakers. 


Edit: Shot in the dark here, but have you heard this? http://www.amazon.com/Bach-St-Matthew-Passion-Blu-ray/dp/B008P76VP8/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1358313802&sr=1-1&keywords=st.+matthews+passions It's one of my favorite works of all time, but the price is so damn steep. I can feel my intended budget crumbling below my feet. 

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I find unless there's a strong visual element, I might just as well rent a DVD from netflix. The sound is just as good, the picture is close and it doesn't cost $35. I mostly have opera and ballet on bluray because they benefit the most.

5:1 on DVD in DTS sounds just as good as these overkill formats on blue. For a 5:1 mix to sound good, the mix has to be good. Filesize doesn't help. Rock music in general is poorly produced for 5:1

That Lee Ritenour bluray has spectacular sound and great 5:1. Don't miss that one. It's better than Orbison.
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I didn't even think about Netflix. You just saved me a ton of money. I cancelled my disc service a couple months ago, but I didn't think to look up music discs. I turned my disc service back on now and put Bach, Wagner, Diana Krall,and Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds blu ray concerts/symphonies on my queue. Very happy right now, that saved me a ton and there's a large selection of discs coming my way. WooHoo! They don't have any Lee Ritenour or Mehta's Wagner stuff yet, so I'll keep those in mind for the next time I purchase anything.     

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Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Order Lee Ritenour's. Overtime from Amazon for $7. The bluray is even better than the DVD. Incredible surround sound. Demonstation quality.
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My ears perked up at "demo-quality". I'll pony up some more cash. 2/4 Netflix concerts arrived and I was disappointed again. The only major benefit to Netflix I can see is the quantity. Oddly enough, I put on my Woodstock CD with a "rock arena" 5.1 setting and enjoyed it quite a bit. There was a delay between front and surround - audiophiles would throw rocks at me for enjoying this - but if I closed my eyes I swear it truly felt like I was at Woodstock. It was pretty cool. I will give Ritenour a shot now though.  

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I found another hot tip for you... Losey's 1979 Don Giovanni, available for preorder for $15 at importcds.com...




This film was one of the first surround sound pictures, and has just undergone meticulous film restoration and remixing of its 16 track master. The reviews of the DVD that came out of the UK say it looks and sounds astonishing. Olive Films is releasing it on bluray in the US.


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You must try this. THE BEST recordings you can buy right now. If you want true reference material, this is the place to get it.


Trust me.

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