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For Sale: [SOLD] Denon D5000's

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For Sale:
[SOLD] Denon D5000's

Will Ship To: Anywhere




Edit: ok I'm going from in concideration to full on sale, I need to sell this to fund another audio purchase biggrin.gif

I'm selling my good condition D5000's. Feel free to pitch me an offer! I will upload pictures on request ofcourse.


About their condition:

On the end of the cable near the jack there is a small area about a milimeter wide and mayby 1.5-2 milimeters tall where the sleeving has kinda folded itself wrong, I have no idea how to put it. One thing I can assure you of it that it does not effect the sound in any way shape or form. There is also a super small nick on the left cup, it's so small you have to hold it under a light and look for it. Other than that it's there are no flaws that I can spot.


Buyers pay shipping from Norway, also add 3% if you want to pay with paypal.

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will you ship to israel?

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Some people requested pictures, here they are!




Here is the small nick I was talking about. Under a light you can see it if you look for it.


More pictures can't hurt right?


Here is the cable thing I was talking about as it has nothing to do with the sound but it's esthetically unpleasing, there is an easy fix for this problem: Turn the cable arround so you can't see it! biggrin.gif


From another angle.

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Price Drop!! biggrin.gif

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It's "or best offer guys" chuck some offers at me and I'll be happy to reply! wink_face.gif

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$510 + $50 shipping from norway + 3% for CC/paypal fee


Obo. wink_face.gif

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