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MOGAMI vs VOVOX for headphones

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Hi guys,


I have recently bought a pair of akg's q701 headphones and after reading a lot over upgradings, I decided to buy a new cable with better sound quality than the generic from akg. I have seen the gold collection of Mogami and Vovox (both of course XLR female to jack). Above all, I'm looking for the best 'cleaning process' of the sound and distortion suppression. Anyone who knows about this?? I eagerly hope an answer ;)



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Solid core conductors for a headphone cable are a bad idea.  Too delicate.

Does Vovox even make any AKG-compatible cables?  After a quick search, they don't seem to use miniature XLRs at all, much like Mogami.


Mogami would be the better choice, but for AKG compatibility it must be a custom-made cable.  Even better would be a custom cable using Nucleotide, Cardas, or Moon Audio wire if you are willing to splurge on a Vovox cable.

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Firstly, sorry for the delayed answer, I live in Europe, and the time is different. Well I am kinda new in this, but what I understand is that I should not buy just a generic wire just because the connections match, isn't it? I don't really understand about materials, but what you are suggesting is to make a custom-made cable using different heads and wires, is that right? I'm scare that my experience is not advance enough for that DIY... I'm gonna show you anyway what I have seen:


I have red good things about both of them, but every person has a different opinion of course.

I am open of any advise. Thanks again

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Those are NOT matching connections.  AKGs use miniature XLRs, those are full-sized regular XLRs.  That's what I said.


The Vovox cable is using solid-core conductors if you read the description.  That is not a good idea for a headphone cable, not just anything will do.  Stick to stranded-core conductors instead.  It is a question of durability, otherwise you could get sound with the solid-core cable.  If you still want to try it, that is up to you, of course.


Oh, there's nothing to be scared about as far as DIY.  There are guides here if you search.  Loads of information for you to get it right, plus you can build yourself better cables and save money at the same time.  =]

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Ok now i have everything quite clear, i will read all the advises from the users and i will try to build my own cable! Thanks a lot for your help wink.gif
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