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Just as Thinksound Aaron Fournier informed me a couple of days ago, Sterophile has an early preview of Thinksound's new full-size headphones. For those unfamiliar with Thinksound, they make a range of IEMs that have been very favorably reviewed, including by several Head-Fi members on the IEM board. They're especially known for having a warm-but-still-accurate sound, with the monitor-series MS01s leading the way. Here is Stereophile's brief article, most notable for the image of the early model's rich wood construction and the estimated price tag of "between $200 and $300". They say that these should be hitting the market sometime this spring. 


Enjoy, I know I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this. the MS01s were some of my favorite headphones (fantastic for jazz, for the record).