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Alternative Planar Magnetics / Orthos

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I have had experience with many great sounding headphones.  This includes anything from the LCD-2 Rev 2 and LCD-3 to the STAX 009 paired with the Blue Hawai amp.  The issue I have with the LCD products is primarily their weight and fit design.  The latest batch of LCD-3 headphones very closely matches what I hear with a STAX 009 headphone, but the STAX 009 headphones is so much lighter and the headband is just about as perfect as I have found in any headphones.


I spend up to 4 hours or more a day listening to music and am looking for a headphone with the sound of the LCD-3, but with the design and light weight nature of the STAX 009.


I currently use a pair of Denon AH-D2000 and JH Audio 10 x3 Pro with a Grace Design m903 Amp/DAC and find that my listening experience is full and pleasing, but the speed and open feel of the LCD-3 is something I am still striving for with my setup.


I have heard and commenced long listening sessions with the HE-500 headphone and although I liked it it just did not measure up to the latest batch of LCD-3 headphones.  I do find the HE-500 more comfortable, but the headband is still something of a problem.


In the end I am looking for a Planar headphone that is light weight, great sounding, and under $5000.


Suggestions and insights are always welcome.

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Go third party headband on a set of Hifimans.


Otherwise, the Mad Dogs are light weight. Add SR007 stax pads.


Very best,

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apparently the hifimans are being redesigned, according to some people who went to CES

might want to ask about in the hifiman threads as im not too sure about the details

i recall they are making them more ergonomic though

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