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Replacing my Alessandro MS1i (possibly with a new MS1i)

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So, I am a music producer. I love my Alessandro MS1i, awesome pair. However, they are a *tiny* little bit damaged and are basically driving me nuts with their lovely rattly sounds. (Internal driver damage)

Edit: Situation change, they now just don't even work anymore. So that's fun.


So I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones, possibly just another pair of these since I find them really awesome, and my dad (who owns and runs an audio-mastering studio over at http://blaisdell-studio.nl/ ) confirms that they are, in fact, pretty damn good. 


So I am not looking to venture too far from the price of the MS1i, but I do have to pay extra import taxes and silly stuff like that for it so it becomes a tad bit more expensive to get. So I wondered if the awesome people at head-fi could suggest me some alternatives. 

They're allowed (and possibly encouraged) to be open-backed, as isolation is not necessary, and they should probably be as neutral as you can be.

Edit: My budget has been expanded to something like $300-$400


For amp/dac I have a FiiO E17 (so the headphones have to be able to be driven by it, I have no alternatives).


If it helps, I primarily make glitch hop (a form of electronic music, here's a remix I did for a contest just recently: https://soundcloud.com/dani-l-cornelisse/mr-bill-cheyah-goodness-1 , if the soundcloud compression doesn't make you want to cry.) 


Right now on the radar for me are the HiFiMan HE-400 and the AKG 702, but I've not really looked into it too much yet as I have just recently decided to buy a new pair, and even more recently decided to buy an extra pricey pair.


But any help would be aprecciated, so r.i.p MS1i, but it's not a big deal. I regret some mod stuff I did with it anyway. But if you guys have any suggestions as for what headphones would be suitable for this kind of thing I would love to hear your opinion.

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Bumpetti bump

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If you love it then buy the MS1 again. The MS1 sound is quite unique makes it a bit hard to find on another cans

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Situation updated! See edited OP

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