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Hey guys,


I bought an HTC One X a few months ago and as I expected the sound quality has been nothing but a disappointment despite it being great in nearly all other areas. Having previously tried other HTCs and owned a Wildfire S I knew what to expect but I thought I might as well see if anybody has a 'miracle cure'. Basically my gripe is that there's this sort of static-ie white noise going on in the background (presumably caused by sub-par electrical isolation) which is particularly noticeable in acoustic/classical tracks and quiet parts in tracks. This white noise is most audible through my SoundMagic E10s and IEMs in general but less so through the cans I've tried it with. On top of the static sound there are these popping/squeaking/whistling noises which are again most noticeable during quiet parts of track through IEMs.


Whilst everyone else I've spoken to with HTCs seems to either not mind the noise or cannot hear it at all but I find it very unpleasant to listen to and as such, cannot listen to music through my One X for much time at all. If anyone could give me suggestions as to how I might stop the background noise I'd be very grateful! (The noises aren't due to the recording or poor ripping as I can't hear them with my Clip+)



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Sorry to necro my own thread but has anybody found a solution to HTC's dire audio?

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Probably need to bypass the DAC with a USB DAC like the V-MODA VAMP VERZA.
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I think it's a real pity that such a great phone is let down by something so fundamental as audio, you'd have thought they'd put more resources into the sound at this price point. I think I'll just stick with my Clip+ as opposed to forking out for a USB DAC, oh well.

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The nice thing about a DAC/AMP is that you can use it for many devices.
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