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Thanks Alex for checking!


It doesn't look like we have any more to give out (the last one we previous gave out on head-fi was our last set)...We are now looking into actually producing/selling this size of tips.

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Today I walked by the Sony Store and decided to give its hydrid tips a try.  This tip does not grip onto the nozzle of the x7i as tight as the original tip but it is not loose either.  The medium tips work for me -- they provide a good seal and they do not tend to fall off my ears like the original tips.  Not sure if it's the size, shape, or material.  Anyway, problem solved!

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Wear it just like your SE215. Over the ear may solve the problem

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You can also try Comply Foam tips:

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Reviving this thread -- I am having similar problems with the Reference S4 IEMs. Where can I get the other tips? Are they still out of stock? Thanks!

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Originally Posted by SirLudicrus View Post

Reviving this thread -- I am having similar problems with the Reference S4 IEMs. Where can I get the other tips? Are they still out of stock? Thanks!


Like I said a few posts above, unfortunately we do not have anymore to give out/sell (the last one we previous gave out on Head-Fi was our last set)...We are looking into actually producing/selling this size of tips, but I haven't received word on when this will actually happen.


Alternatively, you can try

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I purchased my X7i's today, and like others on this thread, I'm finding it a challenge to find the tip that will hold the phone in my ear.  Based on the excellent advice here, I'm going to order Comply Tx-100 tips to see if that resolves the issue.  My experience thus far is that, when I hold the buds in to create a good seal, they sound awesome! I'm looking forward to that sound "handsfree". Thanks all. 

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It took me a long time before figured out how to wear these Klipsch X7i earphones properly. I think it's not about the size of the tips, and it's not about how deep you push them into your ears; it's about how to position them into your ears: they have to enter from the bottom of your ear canal and stay there, following the angle of the earphones themselves it's actually pretty easy and natural to do so, you will not have to push them hard or use the biggest size of the tips at all. When they fit, you will feel the lower part of your ear canal kind of full indicating they are in position. And when they are in position, they should feel very comfortable and they will seal the sound pretty good as well, and more important you will hear their sound quality better. Now I can hear their real sound quality, man, they are good, really good, I feel I am in a recording studio!


Another trick I learn is to use the collar clip to secure the cable on my T-shirt, just right below where the mic and button remote locates. Now even if I move my head often, they will still stay and I can wear them for long hours without problems.


P.S. my source is RDIO from iPhone 4S, the best music stream service, highly recommend!

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I'm having a different issue from you guys with the fit on my X7i

I'm using the Large dual-flange tip on my X7i and they hurt like crazy.

I compared them to the other dual flange I use, on my Meelec M6, and the Klipsch L are smaller than the M6. What am I doing wrong :s I'm inserting my Klipschs the same way I insert my Meelec, but the Klipsch hurt alot :) also the small dual flange are too small the earphones feel literally in my ear.


Any tips?

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I've never had any luck with the dual flange tips. My suggestion is to go with a larger tip if you find yourself needing the seal. This is the case with my X10's and the 5 year old Custom-3's. Hope this helps.
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I found that the triple flange tips worked best for me with the X7i. Be careful when you take them out of your ears for a minute to talk or do something... the ceramic shells like to collide and my first set ended up getting a hairline fracture from this. IMO the design was not a practical one... they were designed to be stationary headphones, something you listen to in a lounge chair then put away in a neat little case, but they are actually earphones with a microphone on them so you think you can go out into the world with them. Neither set of mine lasted more than six months of daily use.

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Which triple flanged tips? I got mine new in box & they didn't include any, just single- & double-. Do you mean the rubber/silicone etymotic style ones? Def use those on the s4 (& variants). Didn't seem to sound as good on the x7i (@ least to me). Maybe was just putting them in incorrectly.

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