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The Tekfusion Twinwoofers were a 'scam', if I may. On, the company's own people posted hundreds of reviews. In those reviews, the even compared the Twinwoofers to Sennheiser IE8/IE80 and called the Twinwoofers better. Crazy reviews posted by the tekfusion people. Flipkart recently realized what tekfusion was doing by posting the fake reviews, and deleted all the fake reviews from its page. 


Extremely pathetic on Tekfusion's part. The only Indian IEM company, as far as my knowledge goes, and turned out to be a scam. They're not in the market to make a good product, they're only there to scam people off money. (I'm Indian too, btw.) 


Beyond that, they might have been a decent pair of earphones, but I wouldn't buy from them because they are an insult to the market.And even the fake reviews were pathetically transparent. Just read this one:


Also read this review from a flipkart reviewer:

Quote: "I have been the victim of buying these earphones.
People they have hired are Photographers and Expert Fake Content Writers.
Nothing more than that.
Moreover, Earphones have stopped working now.
Their quality is as cheap as any earphones under 400 Rs.
If you see their statistics, They started from 1000 Rs . Now slowly They have raised it to 4000 Rs.
Second, People who have written very positive comments have fake profiles(if observed closely)
Third, When I asked to replace it, They asked me to send 100 Rs with 19th century procedures, (ID proofs, Bill , warranty Card , Details on a paper)
They offered me upgrade for Rs 800. (That too upgrade of color LOL)
Their customer care rarely pick up call and are very unprofessional in dealing with a customer.
Its height.
If anybody is going to take some legal action against this company(if possible), I am in. "

I agree with this guy.. Pathetic customer service Tekfusion has.. Flipkart should remove this product from their website.. My earphone lasted only around 2 - 3 months. No physical damage done yet, first, left sided earphone stopped and then 2nd one died too.. I dont suggest this one.. Whoever, is still buying it, is at their own risk and keep it in mind. The manufacturer is not genuine and has pathetic Service (They don't care at all)..


Its as simple as that. 


Beyond that, go through Joker's Multi IEM thread, look at the descriptions of the Meelectronics, Sennheiser, UE and Soundmagic and buy what you think suits you best. Most of the reviews from flipkart and any retailer, for that matter, are not completely reliable. 

Stay away from the Tekfusion Twinwoofers.


My advice is to stretch your budget a little bit and buy the Soundmagic E10. While the philips/sony mentioned above are decent too, the E10 is significantly better. If you're stepping up from stock earbuds, these will really 'wow' you. The price/performance ratio for these is amazing. I've used these, and I was impressed. They're bass oriented, though I wouldn't call them bass heavy. Essentially, its a versatile and consumer friendly sound signature.


Or go for the Vsonic GR99/GR02 Bass Edition. They give an even better price/performance ratio. There, you might struggle with availability though. These, I haven't used, but are often recommended on this website.


Just.. stay away from Tekfusion... let them know that fake marketing won't get them anywhere.