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Help me choose in-ear headphones !!

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Hey all !
i am new to this forum so firstly i would like to say hello to all of you.

I wanna buy a new pair ear-in headphones because my stock ear phones broke which came with my Galaxy S2.
EQ apps I am using are DSP Manager, awesomebeats and stock.
My budget is Rs.1700 max (31$)
I wanna buy from www.flipkart.com only since they're providing nice service.

I like rap/hip-hop music utmost. I really bassy headphones with a nice punch

So after 3 days of research i narrow down to following headphones:

Tekfusion twinwoofers -Rs.1445

Sony mdr-xb30e Rs.1699(Out of stock currently) frown.gif

Sony mdr-ex220lp -Rs. 1125

I don't have much exprience with in-ear headphones i would like to hear some valuable inputs from you.
Please feel free to recommend me any other headphones (as long as they are in flipmart :P)
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Get the phillips she-3590 which is the best deal for you there.....I have the she-3580 and love them for hip-hop ,dubstep and electronic music biggrin.gif
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How is bass ? Is the cord durable?
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Deep bass and mine is still working after 3 yrs of beening rolled on the bed smily_headphones1.gif
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Also puncy and the soundstage is big for such a small earphone biggrin.gif
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What about headphones mentioned in op ? They seems better overall than those Phillips.
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They are not better but much pricier.
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my friend had philips and creative's headphone but they were not as good as Samsung earphones despite their higher  price.  They struggle to maintain bass if you starts  increase mids upper mids and highs. same goes to samsung earphones but it was still better.


Anyone ?

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The Sony XB30EX are very good sounding IEMs with extra bass and these has large dynamic dome type driver which shows greater details in music and offers extra deep punchy bass, XB series XB90EX are very bassheavy with even more details showing in music and bassheads really like those.

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I have xb90ex as well but he wants to buy something for $31 so the phillips will be in his radar for starter earphone smily_headphones1.gif also I have the jvc fxz200 which destroy all my earphone and headphone in sq .....just gotta point that out biggrin.gif
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Thanks for your inputs.
Is there any difference between xb30ex & xb90ex other than larger drivers xb90ex has ?
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I don't have the xb30ex but the 90 was the best until jvc fxz200 came out. The 90 is a basshead earphone with great detail in the mids and high without the need for a eq....it does not have mid bass which I hate.....the soundstage is huge and the imagery is great as well.
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Larger driver produces lower bass not in larger quantity while retaining detail....and it does not distort easily compared to smaller driver biggrin.gif......hope that helps.
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Thanks ,it was really informative. So my best bet would be Xb30ex  at 31$ + free shipping@flipkart and yes they are in stock now !!

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^^^^ yup
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