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Hi, I am looking at buying some headphones purely for mixing at home. I have been searching the forums constantly trying to find an answer, but haven't been able to make a definitive decision on a pair.

I know it's all personal preference, but I just wanted to see what the most recommended is. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a place to audition these headphones and most online retailers don't allow returns due to hygiene reasons.

I don't have a strict budget but I'd like to keep under the £200 as they are for home studio use only.

So far my list stands at:

ATH M50 - £120
KRK KNS8400 - £129
Beyerdynamic DT880 pro 250ohm - £185
Shure - SRH940 - £179

Not sure if the DT880's or the Shure's are worth the extra???

I don't mind open or closed back and I mostly record guitar based music.

All replies & suggestions much appreciated.


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