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Finally received my Koss Pro DJ100 yesterday after a month long wait. They sound amazing. I can understand why some people say they lack bass, and I love them for not buying to the "bass equals quality" BS you'll find on mainstream headphones like Beats that enhance bass for the boomboom crowd.

They were more than $80 everywhere I looked but found them backordered for $45 on computervalley.ca. Came up to ~$75 with taxes and shipping. A big step up from the dollarstore headphones ;)

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Originally Posted by Magicman74 View Post

Don't let the DJ fool you.  I have no idea why they call them that in the first place??   Maybe the design but the sound NOTHING like a so-called DJ set.

The Bass is light, but is very tight and isn't " One note sounding", The mids are Fantastic, So smooth, LOTS of detail here..  Guitars have a great attack.  The Highs are a little softer then I like, but the are nice and crisp..I add about 2db to the top end..And it's perfect for my taste.

Megadeth, Rush, Metallica and the sort sound fantastic on these...  I was rocking out to Fates Warning and couldn't believe the details these have for such a low price.


Another can in the same range is the CAL, I own the Denon AH-D 1000, the Cal has the same driver..  It's my Favorite can ever under $150, But the price is $60, So it's 10 over your budget...If you could stretch it to $60, I'd take the CAL but at $50 the Koss is just as good!!!

i think many modern headphones has 'dj' style because the are cool and fold up nicely instead of 'dj' sound.

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I recommend the Yamaha RH5MA.

Exceptional at their price for rock and roll.

Vented, but they don't leak sound.


I have 2 pairs of them, one for the gym

and one for walking around.


Check out the reviews...; they're a steal.



But I realize that moving into 'uncharted territory' :-)

with an under the radar headphone isn't an easy thing

to do.


So, I second the Sony MDR V6, and the CAL which

has slightly more bass.  I happened to see the CAL

on Amazon for $62.00 shipped last night.

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