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help for hearing impaired

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Please can any body help me with a problem i have? I have a "Colorfly c3" with "fiio E7" amp running "sennheiser HD202" wav loossless  setup! but being an old fart and partialy deaf  i find the volume just about audible on full tilt, can i "piggyback" another E7 or E07K to boost sound levels, the sound out of this little player is superb but if you cant hear it it means nothing

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The issue is probably with the output voltage from the Colorfly.  You may want to check and make sure there is no volume limiting set on it prior to making another amp purchase.  If you have not already done so have the Colorfly's volume at full and use the volume on your amp to get the output you want from your headphones.


Many users have noticed that the FiiO E7 can easily max out its volume with low sensitivity headphones.  The issue appears to be when fed an analog signal it only has a few dB of gain ( say 5db or so ) instead of when it is being fed a digital signal ( 10 db ).  So if you can bypass the DAC in the Colorfly and use the FiiO you may be able to get a few more dB in volume which would help.


Perhaps someone can let us know if a Line Out Doc ( LOD ) will truly bypass the DAC inside the Colorfly allowing the E7 to do the DA process.


The issue with daisy chaining amps is that if the input level becomes to high ( say above 3-4 volts for the FiiO ) the amp clips on the input side.

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