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Dr dre. Beatbox

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Hello, i would like to see opinions about this speakers, i can get one new for $200 dlls and im looking for good sound, portability and a dock, is this worth it? thanks !

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Personally, I have not tested said item. However I have used other products sporting the same origin. These are generally marketed to a different crowd. A crowd that the general population here doesn't refer to as "good sound". Based on this, I would have to say it is not worth it if ti is anything like the rest of the product line.


Once again, judging the product pre-emptively. That product line has ruined its reputation already for me. Not willing to gamble $200 on it.

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If I was looking for a dock for around $200 I would get the H+K go+play II. It has amazingly good sound and is a steal for $200. Amazon has it currently for $193.  As far as I can tell it has the same internals as the JBL onbeat extreme which has recived very good reviews. I have a Go+play II and enjoy the detailed mids, punchy, tuneful,deep bass and dececent highs. It also has actually a pretty decent imaging for a small player.  It it very well built and rock solid.

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