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How does the UDH-100 work with Sennheiser HD600? Mostly I listen to classic music, especially chamber music. Do they do a good job for these kinds of music? Thanks!

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Has anyone experienced issues with the drivers in Windows x64 (both 7 and 8.1)? When using WASAPI the drivers occasionally hangs for me, need to disconnect/reconnect the usb cable for it to reset, I've also had one occurrence of massive distortions in the output. Going to send it in but I doubt they will find any problems with my unit and return it without doing anything (driver issues are quite hard to reproduce after all), hopefully I will be able to sell it without taking too much of a loss. Haven't had a single issue with the machine otherwise so I doubt there's a problem with the other hardware.

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the volume control is kinda wonky it feels like its not turning anything but it works just fine. no there is no visual display. there is a very small pinhole next to the volume pot that lights up red when the unit is on, also the vent next to the volume pot does nothing. the volume knob is 0 to 100% in one full turn yes.


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The volume pot is the single biggest flaw of this otherwise excellent product.

It is vague, imprecise, flimsy and provides no useful feedback to the user.

Given how nicely built the rest of it is, I just don't understand what NuForce were thinking.

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I actually experienced another bug before I sent my unit back for a refund. I was listening to some music, put my headphones on the table, went to the kitchen (none of this actually matters of course) and when I got back the volume was almost twice as high, no change on the volume knob. I then just barely adjusted the volume and it immediately went back to the previous level, I imagine this could've been a lot worse if the headphones were on my head while this occurred.

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Hi !!!


I need your help.


How does the UDH-100 work with Windows 10?


Best regards

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