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For Sale or Trade: FS: Creative Aurvana Live!, SRH440

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For Sale or Trade:
FS: Creative Aurvana Live!, SRH440

Will Ship To: prefer conus

Trying to sell a few phones that haven't been getting much use. All prices are shipped. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

2. Creative Aurvana Live!
Got these about a month ago. Really like they but they're a little redundant with some of my other phones. They show little to no use, and in very good condition. I don't have pictures for them ATM but there's really nothing to show (I can take some if you'd like). Less than 50 hours. Will ship with  included carrying case and I should still have all or most of the original packaging.
Looking for $55 shipped.

3. Shure SRH440
These show a little bit of wear, and some light scratches on the silver of the cups and the plugs. I'll try to put some pictures up tomorrow. Pads are a little flat, but I believe they were this way stock. Also have some velour pads that can fit on them. Don't have any of the original packaging, and not sure if I still have the plug adapter. They are the coiled cable.
Looking for $45 shipped.

Any questions feel free to PM. I'll gets pics of everything tomorrow. Thanks for looking.

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