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Most of my tunes are in 128 kbps. Are good headphones worth it?

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I'm not a huge audiophile, hence the 128 kbps MP3 in my smartphone and laptop.


I just listen through my laptop and smartphone, and would like to know if getting a good pair of headphones is worth it.

I have a Sennheiser HD 428 but it's pretty much broken so I've been looking at other headphones.


Right now, the AKG K411 is on sale and is my top choice for now (not that I have considered many headphones yet)



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try improving your music files to at least 192kbps, or better, 320kbps. youll immediately hear the difference between 128kbps and those two.


remember: garbage in, garbage out

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Seriously, you really need to re rip your CD's, I use 192M4A for my RAZR and that's just so I have music with me, I usually go 256M4A for my portable devices (reason being i can buy music off iTunes and my library stays consistant, that and it's a great balance of SQ and file size) and Flac or Alac (depending if it is an apple device or not) for stuff I really like (not every recording deserves lossless wink.gif )

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and dont convert your 128kbps files to 320kbps because they will still sound 128kbps, only bigger filesize

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I rip my CD's to FLAC first, since my computer HDD is 500 GB. I make a copy of the flac and conver those into 128 kbps MP3 when I load them into my smartphone,w hich is not so spacious.


I'll convert the FLAC to the 192 and 320 kbps and see if the sound is much improved.

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I rip my CD's 5 times, directly into the formats I use I'd go for 256 M4A, standard iTunes format, even if your not an apple product user. It is a solid modern format. 320 takes too much room, 192 and youll be kicking yourself for not going higher, 256 M4A is a nice balance. Even if you decide this audiophile stuff isn't for you, you'll be happy with 256 M4A and OP, you might want to look into DB Poweramp http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ just wondering, what smartphone are you using and what capacity?

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128kbps? MY EYE'S! THEY BURN! tongue_smile.gif

Honestly though try using 256kbps or 320kpbs and you'll notice improvements, then you can decide if you think it's worth upgrading.
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I use a LG GT540 with a 8GB microSD.

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android 2.1 OUCH, what country are you in?

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You need at least 256kbps MP3.  I suggest you to re-rip your Flac to higher rate MP3 as well; otherwise, your music will sound very one-dimensional as well as distorted when you use revealing headphones.

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Totally off topic. Since we hear a difference between 128 vs 256/320 kbps.


Some remastered cds when ripped either 128 or 320, there is a minimal difference.


Does the DI.fm (Digitally Imported) 96kbps broadcast sound similar to 256kbps one. It sounds almost similar to me.triportsad.gif

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I'll admit that I can hear the difference between 320kbps and FLAC but I can definitely hear improvements between 128, 256 and 320kbps. I'd recommend creating re-encoded copies of your FLAC files in 320kbps, you won't regret it!

As far as having little space on your LG, would it be possible to get a larger Micro SD or perhaps be more selective about the music you have with you on the go?

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