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I'm currently in possession of the traditional silver QC15 headphones from Bose, but I've been eyeing the limited edition blue one because they look nicer, imo. When I traded in the QC2 (the "champagne" color) I was originally told that the color does have an impact on trade in value to Bose (if I decide to upgrade via Bose) (ie. the champagne previously afforded a $129 upgrade cost to the QC2 until very recently, when their value was made identical to the regular QC2 to match the $99 upgrade price). 


My question is if I decide to resell to the general public years from now, do you think that the limited edition blue Bose QC15 would have a detrimental effect on resale value?


What about using the trade in program at Bose?


I'm still in their return policy, so I have a chance to swap it out before I get out of it pretty soon. thanks!