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Hi all, first post here. I was wondering if any of you guys might be able to recommend me a great pair of over the ear headphones, looking for noise isolation and great sound quality, i listen to a variety of music but mainly hip hop and trance. I'd like something around the 150-200 price range willing to top out around 250 or so, so far ive been looking at the ath-pro700mk2, if anyone could give me a review on those that'd be awesome, ill mainly be using these for studying/daily listening, and I'm really looking for something thats portable, has a case, and a wire that is detachable would be a plus.


Many Thanks,


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The V-Moda M80 are very good sounding headphones and they offers good isoaltion from surrounding with tight punchy bass, clear mids and highs. The other headphones like Philips L1, Denon D600, Klipsch M40 and Focal Spirit ONE are redcommended.

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