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Sound Quality on Sony Xperia SL (or Xperia S)?

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Hello everyone,


A couple of days ago I decided to buy a new phone, after several weeks of research, and got the Sony Xperia SL. For perspective, my impressions of the audio quality from its 3.5 mm jack are after coming from several years of heavy use of the Creative Zen Mozaic EZ300 player, but I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the Xperia SL's output, at first. This is while listening through the Soundmagic E30 in-ears, which I'm quite familiar with after about six months of use.


On my Soundmagic E30, the Xperia SL sounds comparatively muddy, less separated, less clear, bassier and duller on the top-end than the Creative Zen Mozaic EZ300, and soundstage seems narrower. But when I plug in my Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro (I LOVE them, but they aren't suitable for outside/portable use) into the phone, the sound is beautiful again.


Then again, after switching back and forth between the Xperia SL and the Zen EZ300 (through the E30), the differences suddenly seem less apparent and more imagined or feared.


Is this simply a matter of a poor match between source and IEM, or is the sound quality of the Xperia SL / S inferior? Or is my mind playing tricks on me?


I feel I'm unable to be objective now, and that my mind and memory are being clouded by either initial impressions or fear that I've spent a lot of money on a phone that doesn't perform very well, audio-wise. Confirmation bias of my fears, basically.


I'd be grateful if people who have experience with the Sony Xperia SL or Xperia S chime in about what they think about the audio quality of the phone.




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Install neutron player
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Yep, as above..



... and then compare.




I recently bought a Sony Xperia T which probably shares the same hardware? The sound was ok if nothing special but I soon sent it back after being given a Samsung Galaxy S1 for Christmas... its in a different league, After I rooted it and installed the Voodoo sound app and Neutron player I now have a phone that works so well as a DAP that my Sony X-series is now gathering dust on top of my wardrobe.

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I don't have a credit/debit card, and I don't really feel happy pirating software (as far as I can help it), so I'll probably be buying it later, once I have a payment method in place. I'm aware a better player with better software decoding will improve the audio quality from the stock music player, so this is one of the things I'll eventually get to.


Any opinions on the sound quality of the phone itself, though?


Also, any recommended free audio players on Android?

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There is a free time limited trial version of Neutron available. wink.gif

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Unless there's some way to extend it indefinitely (like REAPER allows one to indefinitely use a trial version), that would only give me temporary satisfaction. :)


What about Rasher's Rockbox builds? 

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Yep, but it would allow you to hear the player and the phone at its full potential before buying. I certainly don't grudge or regret paying the little it costs... great value!




The best phones for good SQ are probably the iphone 4, 4S and the Samsung galaxy S1 (and derivatives) when voodoo'd. 

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Thanks, will definitely look into it, once I manage to arrange for a means of payment.


Meanwhile, I installed Rasher's build for my screen resolution, and I can't get the font sizes to be readable. Anyone have any luck on this?

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Dude, you don't need card or any other form of payment to install the trial version.

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Go for neutron player and buy it,i use this player with my s3 ,great SQsmile.gif

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