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New Headphones?

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Sorry for the double post guys but I really need help and my last post didn't get any love frown.gif Hey guys, I recently purchased Astro A40s but due to them having lots of errors with the audio dropping out, I have decided that I am just going to buy a pair of headphones. I would like them for gaming but at the same time I want good music quality. I was thinking of Beats but people say they are garbage and I started hearing of headphones such as Sennheiser and other brands. I listen to lots of Kid Cudi, some Drake, hip hop, rap, and rock. I would like some decent bass but not too heavily to where its annoying. I would like to be able to know the bass is present with some thump but not too much as I said. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 598, it doesn't have to necessarily be the Sennheiser brand either. I would mostly use them here at home so it doesn't really have to be portable.. If you guys could give the best I can possibly get it would be appreciated. I have $250 to spend. Maybe $300 at most as I plan on buying an Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser microphone to chat. Another quick question is if that's even possible to use the AT2020s as a mic? With any type of adapters?
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I believe the reason why you aren't getting any reply because there are tones of thread about the beats and recommended bass heavy headphone similar to beat. Try looking it up and you will see. Also look up about the senn 598 and you should also see a lot as it is a pretty popular headphone.
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Beyer DT880 or DT990?

DT880 being the more neutral of the two, while the 990 has more bass.


HD598 are great with gaming, as are the Beyer's.  Has the least amount of bass of the three.  Coming from zero experience with higher end headphones, I'm sure you'll be impressed with either one :)


AKG Q701 would be another good option.  They may be the best option for you because they are the most balanced headphones I listed here.  Bass isn't too strong, but unlike the 598's I can still enjoy the amount of bass they give me.


Keep in mind that these are just my opinions.  It's always best to go out and listen to these headphones yourself to decide what best for you.

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Sony MDR-V6 and /thread



Oh you're still here?


The V6 is

easy to drive

has great bass

is very musical

is closed backed so you can go loud without disturbing people

is closed backed so people don't disturb you

is cheap at $70

is well built and will survive many gaming sessions

Sounds great on an Iphone with no EQ

Looks totally boss



The Beyerdynamics

are audiophile

are hard as hell to drive especially the 880

are open backed so you will upset your significant other

are expensive as hell but worth it if you know what you're buying

are comfortable for long wearing periods

lack bass response but have deep bass extension

are bright with an extended silky smooth upper range



The K/Q 701's

are audiophile

are hard as hell to drive but easier than the beyerdynamics

are open backed so you will upset your dog

are expensive as hell but mostly worth it if you know what you're buying

are a little less comfortable than the beyerdynamics

have decent bass response and extension

sound good without eq

are the undisputed king of the midrange in this lineup of your choices

see my review, in battlefield 3 it hurt my ears to get shot at, they are that good

are bright with a pronounced midrange

require extensive break in and the sound will change by the minute the first 10 hours or so of use.

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