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Custom One Pro Impressions/Review?

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I've been researching these for a while and just need a little more convincing. Thanks!
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Try ask MalVeaux. He likes them

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It doesn't really matter that much. But it is better than your other options V-Moda M-80 vs Custom One Pro vs HD558 vs UE6000

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Thanks!! I guess I'm sold.
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Write down your experiences later! 

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Picked them up recently. I am really starting to like them. I ordered from Amazon and pulled them out of the box Saturday afternoon, listened for about 45 minutes and promptly boxed them back up and printed a return label. The sound to me was horrendous for $200. The bass was non existent on setting 1 of the bass ports (obviously), but there was a shrill vibration in the drivers that made me think they were broken. Port 2 was a bit better and at Port 3 they were listenable although the bass was of the terribly muddy type. I plugged into my E11/L9/iPhone and attained similar results.


After thinking about the fact I had not burned these things in at all, before taking them back to the UPS store I cut the box back open and decided to give them another run Sunday morning. Immediately they sounded better. I listened for about an hour then took a break while I let them run under some decent volume for another 2 hours. Throughout the day yesterday the headphones sound was progressively better to the point where I am almost happy with them. Long story short, these things need burn-in time


I am not sure if it is right to directly compare these to my M-50's and perhaps the sibilance of the M-50's has my mind in a different place but the COP sounded (and still sound) quite a bit darker. However, they have cleared up amazingly with one full day of running, to the point of my satisfaction? I'm still not sure but any case I am looking for a pair of closed phones to take the place of my M-50's. I am what most would refer to as a basshead, however I hate muddled one tone in your face bass, more like textured, clean and rich.


One thing of mention would be amping ability. While still comparing to the M-50's I can not listen to the M-50's without using my E11. On the 3rd bass port the COP sounds great with no amp, just off my iPhone 5 playing 320kps audio files. This is a very fun headphone it may be everything you are looking for but I am looking for a bit brighter set with maybe a bit cleaner, more textured bass and maybe a larger sound stage (I know that's a tall order in a closed design). Anyway good luck on whatever you decide and FYI Amazon has had these things flirting back and forth at around $165 the past week. Mine were $199...

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Thanks for the impressions! They're lookin good. Look at this guys review on em'. He says they improved MASSIVELY after burn in. http://youtube.com/watch?v=u6zV-5cHLqk
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