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808 Headphones?

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I saw an article on cnet talking about these headphones but when I googled them for reviews I came up empty :/
Can anyone tell me because I am looking to buy a decent pair of headphones for under 100$
Here is the link to the site http://808headphones.com/
No this isn't spam I just want an opinion please smily_headphones1.gif
Or if you have any recommendations let me know because I need some for the gym ASAP!
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Never heard anything about those but I happen to audition HD439 & UE4000 which sound excellent! HD439 has very very warm sound, laid back vocals. UE4000 has detailed mids. smily_headphones1.gif
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The 808 looks like a wannabe beats, which mostly means a mediocre sound with too much bass.

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From the looks in the photos, the earpads are covered with the super-cheap pleather material that decomposes and peels off after about 2 years. I would avoid it.

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Audiovox gave me a set of these. They are almost unbelievably good compared to what I expected from them. Yes, the build quality is questionable (the plastic squeaks, the fake leather of the ear padding seems cheap, etc.) but the sound quality is very good. I'd say the SQ is much better than the Beats Solo which IMO aren't worth even close to the MSRP. I would put the 808 as one of the top values under $100 (I think AR will release them at either $89.99 or $99.99... I forget and they might not have even officially chosen yet). It's definitely not a flat sound signature but the bass is not overblown, the sound stage is very good, and there is a pretty flat response above the mid-bass frequencies. I'm very impressed.

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