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Is worth it?

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I'm pretty new to music and new to listening with higher quality headphones than used to, and I sometimes find myself listening to's vocal stations because it has so many different songs that I just don't know (since i'm pretty new to electronic music). Anyone have their premium membership? Is the quality that much better? The current quality I'm listening to is 96k and I was wondering if premium (256k) would be worth 4.99/month? Also, is 256k very different from 320kbps quality, or are they about the same ? I currently have about 20GB of 320kbps quality vocal chillout and vocal trance music and if the 320kbps quality is that much better, I'd rather just collect the music myself.


or, if anyone has another suggestion for a radio station like that plays in higher quality rates, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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256k streams are really great quality. Listening on both stationary system and HD-600 rig.

Premium is totally worth it.

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