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Extension Cable for v-moda m-80

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I have recently bought myself a pair of M-80s. They're amazing. I would like to use them to watch some shows/movies unfortunately when I connect them to a stereo extension cable the sound comes through all muffled. I believe it probably has to do with the inline remote control for the microphone. I haven't found any answers on google about this issue. Do I need a special kind of cable?




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Did you have any luck with this problem? I too have the same problem with my M-100s. Just spent the entire day buying and returning cables that don't work. But I don't believe it has anything to do with the mic setup in the cable , as I also have the basic cable that is supplied with the M-100s, it has no mic at all. I tried both cables and both had the same problem when attached to an extension. 

I was able to make it "work", by loosely poking the extension into the V-Moda cable but as soon as I plugged it all the way in, it became very quiet. I believe only one speaker was working. So back down to the store I went and the young lady behind the counter (very helpful and knowledgeable) explained to me that I may be better off making a cable, but before I could do this I needed to find info on how the cable jacks are wired.

I can find no info on this at all. I really need to get my M-100s up and running via the Denon reciever so I'm not waking the family up in the middle of the night whilst watching movies (I'm an insomniac).

I'm only assuming that the M-80s use the same cable setup as my M-100s.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not sure if will work, but have you tried reversing the cable?
V-moda recommends this under certain conditions such as when plugging into PC speaker headphone jack and audio sounds muffled. Easy enough to try...wink.gif
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I haven't tried reversing the cable yet. I've noticed that instead of using the cables that came with the headphones, it works if I use a mini cinch to mini cinch cable and connect one end to the extension cord and the other into the headphones directly. Holding down the button on the android cable seems to work too.

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Reversing the cable doesn't seem to make a difference unfortunately.

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