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Motorola S11 flex hd?

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I'm not sure that this is the appropriate forum to ask about stereo bluetooth headsets but it's the closest I saw. I've owned many high end Shures and ultimate ears WIRED iems but time moves on and I acquired these to mate my Note 2 phone in a workout friendly way. I'm fairly impressed with there "flexibility" but they're no where close to Shure's best. Compromises had to be msde to obtain phone/mp3 connectivity while losing the wires. Does anyone have any experience with the S11s and possible aftermarket tips I might use. The tips physically resemble the Meelectronics M9Ps closely. I'm contemplating ordering the comply tips made for the M9Ps. I have many "olives" for my Shures but the Shures nozzles are MUCH smaller. I will probably attempt "surgery" to modify the olives but wanted to see if anybody had ANY experience with this headset. Any help would be appreciated and sorry if this post is inappropriate. I've posted many times in regards to my IEMs and regard head-fi as THE resource for portable audio expertise and inginuity. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Any updates on the Olive test? Thinking of getting these myself, since they use the Apt-X transfer protocol that my Motorola phone uses.
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considering these also.  Any updates or insights?    I'm considering them for the convenience of no wires and for working out.  I want decent sound quality, but I know that bluetooth can't compare to a good pair of wired headphones.

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