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Technologically, it seems to me that the C7 is an absolute grand slam. The automotive scribes are already guestimating that the base model will have a performance level rivalling that of the C6 Z06. And most important of all, the eye sore for many of the previous generations -- that sorry failure of an interior, including the all-important driver seat -- finally gets the update it deserves. On these merits alone, I don't think anyone can fault the C7 at all.


On the other hand, I have some mixed feelings about the exterior. Certain angles front the front makes the car looks very much like a Ferrari, and obviously that speaks volume about how pretty the car is. On the other hand, some of the lines, especially the features that were borrowed from the C6.R, make the car look a bit over the top / too busy. Being a function over form kind of guy, I can easily overlook that particular aspect. However, while the rear end looks modern and sleek, it hardly pays any homage to the Corvette's great heritage. It almost looks like GM stole the (Lexus) LF-A's rear end, grafted some deformed Camaro tail lights, and called it the new C7 rear end. If the car wasn't a Corvette, I'd say the rear end was very nicely done. But this is a Corvette, and right now, there is very little Corvette look in that rear end.