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You are confused simply because you are looking for opinions, and when it comes to headphones most peoples opinions differ. TheReem mentioned that the D2000's are in a different league then the A900X and the dt 770 pro's, which I happen to disagree with. I only briefly heard the D2000 but I didn't like what I heard at all, I simply don't like bass heavy headphones like the D2000's and would never prefer them over the A900X. I also disagree with the 770 being more detailed then the A900X. The dt 770 is ridiculously bass heavy and to my ears drowns out the mids quite a bit, they simply don't sound very good with vocal tracks or anything outside of hip hop/electronic/dub.

Again, it's just a different opinion, everyone prefers different sounding headphones for different reasons. The best thing to do is try and listen to the headphones yourself first before making a purchase and decide if you like what you hear.


I have owned the 770 250's for nearly a decade and the the A900x's for about 2 years.

My only major complaint was the AT's nasty over the ear cushions...pleather, yuck! I have just recently ordered and received some of Hifiman's velour pads.

While not perfect, a little shallow for my ears, they are MUCH more comfortable now.

The wing system is weak IMO, but not too bad. If I could fix that and find some deeper ear muffs, it would be the perfect LAN party headphone.

As for the sound quality, mani nailed it. Those are my exact impressions. 770 is completely outclassed by the AT's. Movies, Gaming, and especially Music all have more detail than the booming Beyers.