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For Trade: AKG K1000

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For Trade:
AKG K1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Given that selling/trading my Melos is proving itself difficult, as is selling these here in Brazil, I'm putting this up as a For Trade, even if it does mean that I'll probably lose some money because I had to pay a lot for import duties on these.

The reason for this ad is that I don't really like these much, and they have been sitting unused for at least a year and I'm in the mood for trying something new.

About the headphones, they are a bass-heavy unit – sn. 05047 – and were bought as a pretty much NOS set from Doug (Mr. Sneis) about 1 1/2 years ago. I didn't spend a lot of time listening to this pair since I had another one, that was sold to my uncle. I'm certain I didn't even put 50 hours on it. As a result, I reckon it's a 9/10 on the Audiogon scale (except for the box, which has some scratches) and even smells like new. It comes with the wooden box, the original cardboard box, speaker pigtail and every single piece of literature you can think of, which makes it a true collector's item.

As for what I'm looking for, my priority is a no-fuss, wire-with-gain-type amplifier, that pairs well with my Grado HP1000s (B22, ECP DHSA-1, GS-1 kind of thing), but I can entertain other offers. Those AKGs have been unused, I don't need the money, so I'm just looking to trade it for something new and interesting. Just hit me a message. Depending on what is offered, I can also throw in a modded Melos SHA-1 (I've got a separate ad for it), JVC A-S5 vintage integrated amp and an ALO RX MKIII-B. For example, if you have a GS-X I can offer the headphones + the portable amp, or the whole lot for a KGSSHV + SR-007.


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are you interested in top IEMs such as k3003 at all?

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Not really interested in IEMs, but some things that interest me are:



Audio Technica W3000ANV

Fostex TH900

Audez'e LCD3

Grado RS1

Sennheiser HD600

Sennheiser Momentum

+ some unobtanium (extremely improbable, but might as well mention it, who knows...)


and also amps mentioned in the original post, Grace m903 and SPL Phonitor, I guess.

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would you be interested in an Ultrasone E 10?

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Originally Posted by cmkofkvc View Post

would you be interested in an Ultrasone E 10?


Hm, that depends on the trade conditions! Would that be a staight trade? Would you PM me your offer?

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