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For Sale: Yulong Sabre D18 Balanced DAC

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For Sale:
Yulong Sabre D18 Balanced DAC

Will Ship To: US/Canada

Up for sale is my Yulong Sabre D18 balanced DAC. This DAC was one of my all-time best upgrades for the money. I found it to provide reference level accuracy and detail known from the ES9018S Sabre chip, yet also infuse a touch of warmth and smoothness to it. To me, it was a huge upgrade over the more expensive Audio-gd NFB-10WM I had at the time (search my posts for impressions). I'll link Project86's awesome review of this DAC below, which I completely agree with.


I purchased this DAC directly from Grant Fidelity about six months ago. Grant Fidelity provides excellent US based support and customer service. The DAC is in great condition as you can see in the pictures. I am listing it for $575 including UPS or Fedex Ground shipping.

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I have received several similar questions about this listing, so I thought I would add a couple of clarifying points here.
I purchased the Yulong Sabre D18 very recently on August 29, 2012 through Grant Fidelity - who offer great customer service and warranty support from here in the US. The DAC is under Grant Fidelity's limited 12-month warranty, which should provide coverage through August 29, 2013. A link to their warranty page is provided directly below.
I am only listing this DAC for sale because I am getting rid of my entire full-size setup. Changes with my schedule have made it increasing difficulty to find time to sit and enjoy my full-size gear, so after a few months of comtemplating, I have finally decided to list it all for sale and move to a high-end portable rig.
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