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Finally received it ^_^

Will post my findings later after I found the time for extended listening...

But one thing is for sure, this thing is a beauty and the build quality is top-notch!

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Todd at TTVJ just ordered one up for me....should be in a couple of weeks.

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any update? with HD800 especially…

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Originally Posted by Lito1 View Post

any update? with HD800 especially…

Hi, You might be referring to me... I plan to do that listening test.  And with the LCD3 again, and HD700.  

I'm also curious to try the LCD3 with my Arrow... not expecting much, but it might suprise me.  

Lastly, I'm curious about other well-regarded amps under the price of the Teac, such as the Schiit Lyr.  

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yes. you or anybody else :)

thanks for the update.


edit: i found this in another thread




Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Any more recs for some actual disco? I'm not too familiar with the genre.


Tried the Teac HA501/UD501 combo today. Posted it on the AAMML thread but people seem to care more about the portables I took pictures with (those who know me know I never take pictures of anything, even when on vacation. But the Teac's looked so beautifully built I couldn't resist)

To expand on that, there was a little bit of grain ~1-4kHz (the only reason I'm being accurate with the numbers is because I brought a bunch of tones and test sweeps on the Clip Zip and also had access to the parametric EQ on JRiver) that didn't like to go away. Played around with the menu, but didn't have any DSD files. The lower end model, the one in the picture that corrupted, was beautifully made - might be one of the most aesthetically pleasing desktop fixtures I've yet to see. 


Back to the sound, didn't find it to be overly warm or anything. If not "neutral" at the very least it can be considered balanced. There's a bit of subbass bloom on the amplifier unit. The DAC portion was what really impressed. The amp started panting a bit on the HD800s if I was to be really critical. And by no way do I mean "HE-6 not loud enough needs more headroom" power shortage. In fact the grain could have been mistaken for clipping now that I think about it, as well as the slight tizz, but I spend most of my HD800 time around my cousin's anax mod pair so going back to the stock form gets confusing at times. 


Otherwise not much to say. I might have to shop around a bit more and look at the X-Sabre among other things, but these have taken the top spot in my "replace-that-missing-DAC1" mission.

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The amp started panting a bit on the HD800s if I was to be really critical.

                                                   -   this is about  HA501 or UD501 ?

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Hi everyone... this is just a heads up for you to save some money if interested.  I have a factory sealed brand new

Teac HA-501-B Dual Monaural Headphone Amplifier listed at Amazon for $759.00 as an Amazon seller (America's Best Bargains).  Amazon's price is $859 as I type this.  I'll let this go for $725 and free shipping if you email me at randallhurlbut@yahoo.com.  Just trying to save anyone here interested some money.


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  I find this amp has quite a unique sound delivery. I had it my hands two days after my last post....Todd (TTVJ) busted his hump to get it right out!


  It is quite balanced and has no noise....even with the Harvey JH13! I can listen at moderate, ear saving levels and still enjoy a terrific octave to octave frequency balance. I have had two of the HD800's in my time. The Beyer T1's and Audez'e LCD-2's. I don't have these phones any longer, these phones at those price levels, have to many flaws for my tastes.


   Preferring instead the HD6XX's or Grados (PS1K's, Symphone Magnums V3 & V4's, or the HP2's two of those). The Harvey's (two of those also with various cables and terminations). I will add an HE-500 later. 


  The amp has been running continually for a month (the glory's of solid-state) and is well burnt in. The HA-501 is exceedingly well built, particularly for it's price. The sonic signature is very tuneful, much like, and is reminiscent of a good tube amp, with solid-state control for the driver. The damping factor selecting capabilities is very useful (IMO). The Grado PS1000 has the best middle I can recall, in its mid-bass through upper midrange. The bass-line of this phone can be overly exuberant and has big shoulders. Not so when I select the appropriate damping factor setting. Likewise the treble of the PS1000 is sweet, sometimes overly so. The control creates the proper amount of air with a wonderful sheen. I only used the PS1K with the Peak or Arete w/Volcano, in an attempt to control the driver for it's best performance...not any longer. The HA-501 has taken over this responsibility.


  The Sennheiser 600-650's I own were driven either by my vintage Marantz 2285 or the Moth SA 2A3/45Hi for optimum playback. While both were different in sound because of the final output type, the control of each left little doubt that the Sennheisers were mated with amps that could coax the very best from those phones. The Teac does a most credible job, so I can keep the Marantz and Moth in the bullpen, not needing or wanting to make a switch for driving the Senns.


  The Volume take-up from zero is unique with this amp. You have room to move, even when using the ultra sensitive JH13PRO's. No noises can be detected emerging from the amp output when I plug in the Harvey's...amazing! The Harvey's can be driven by any amp, yet very few make the Harvey sing like actual authentic instruments in real space. The Lisa XP with unity gain...or the L3 (both LaRocco designs) seemed best suited. Very fast and clean, with even response, exhibiting ultra fast TIM's (transient intermodulation). The Harvey makes typical amps sound....well typical. The Teac makes special noises here!


  I have many....many amps, only because I'm a synergy seeker. When two components combine to reach heights that each couldn't be achieved either singularly/individually with other components? That's synergy! With the Teac....I have found an amp that I can leave in system and don't need to play amp merry-go-round. Unique... Is it the best of the best then? No, it is all the better for the ability to fill the needs of some very demanding phone types. Amps that handle the Sennheiser 6XX's don't sound credible with the Harvey (as example). Quite an achievement in my experience.


  I use a Bel Canto stack, Transport and Dac w/ upgraded Bel Canto power supply for headphone source. Listening to mostly Jazz (Bop, Hard Bop and Avant Garde) or Classical and Opera (a bunch of Opera). The HP-2 was configured for Opera specifically!! Rock from my generation...I'm old... Blues to Blue Grass and any balladeer that makes musical sense. No Diana (make my skin) Krall, she has my permission to burn in the hot place.


  Another unique feature....Yes, the "audiophile" recording is very well served. The clarity and definition with detail retrieval is exemplary. What is even more impressive is the handling of the less than stellar recording. Sifting through and framing the available sonic portrait quite credibly. The Complete Robert Johnson recordings as an example...those are some of the worst recordings that can actually glow with useful musical meaning....incredible.... takes my breath away....

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Nice review,thanks. But what do you think about with HD800?

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Originally Posted by al10 View Post

Nice review,thanks. But what do you think about with HD800?

Don't own the 800 any longer.......

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Originally Posted by LordOctron View Post

Finally received it ^_^

Will post my findings later after I found the time for extended listening...

But one thing is for sure, this thing is a beauty and the build quality is top-notch!


So, after extended listening the only thing I can complain about is that I wasn't able to find any problems or shortcomings.

To me it sounds very neutral, clean and detailed, cant hear coloration or distortions, and it performed well with any headphone I tried.

Sure, its rather expensive, but its build like a tank, looks great, and does what it is supposed to do, flawlessly... I'd buy it again, no question!

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 Well I just ordered the ha 501 amp along with the dsd dac.I am taking advantage of the sale that teac is offering.I believe the sale ends today and the offer for free shipping as well.I was just going to order and try the dsd dac but after reading about the dual mono headphone amp and its option for adjusting the damping factor I thought I would give the amp a shot as well.I am hoping this works out and both units will be keepers but you never really know about something till you try them.The 30 day free trial is a nice way to check things out before you commit to them.

  I am paticulaly curious about the headphone amp synergy with my lcd2 v2 in light of the damping factor adjustability on the amp.I do agree that though the bass is great on the lcd 2 it is a bit plump and ill defined.I have heard the bryston amp with my lcd 2 v2s in single ended fashion and the bryston seems to be a ideal partner for tightening up the warmish nature of the lcd 2 v2 and gives you a more neutral sonic balance.But the bryston is a cruel beast on less than ideal source material which can make listening sessions fatigueing.I am interested in the sonic balance that the damping factor adjustment has on the lcd 2 v2 hopefully tigthtening up the bass but not going over the top into the analytical camp like the bryston which can make listening sessions somewhat fatigueing at times.Maybe the teac will strike just the right combination of musicality while making the lcd2 v2 more neutral in its sonic balance which can be somewhat warmish.

  I am going to have some fun this week when they get here and I am looking forward to it.

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 I called the teac online store today to check the status on my two orders for the ud 501 dac/headphone amp and the ha 501 headphone amp/preamp and unfortunately the customer service rep for teac said that both units are on back order status and that it would be close to a week before they would be available to be shipped.But they did say they would send me a email notification that the units are beeing shipped.I hope they come shortly after I would like to be able to burn them in sufficiently and get a handle on both units in time to make a decision on them before the thirty day free trial period expires.

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 I will be comparing it to my peachtree decco computer desktop setup.I have been for the most part very satisfied with what the decco 2 brings to the game.It has also responded very well to the tweaks of a upgraded fuse (hifi tuning supreme fuse) and better power cords (several have been tried the best sounding seems to be the kubala sosna emotion with which the decco 2s dac sounds fairly dimensional). I also got the unit at a very reasonable 579 usd on the peachtree website for refurbished units.

  Given the price premium over the peachtree I expect the teac combination to best the decco 2 by a fair amount even with the tweaks.But I shall find out.

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