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Aiaiai TMA-1 (Beatport edition) vs V-Moda Crossfade LP2 ( AND NOW *V-Moda M-100*)

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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing extensive research on my next set of cans for around 3 months, but have yet to make a final decision. I am looking for a pair of headphones that will serve my needs the best, and I have essentially come down to these 2 headphones. I am a dance choreographer and listen to a lot of Hip-hop, Pop, Alternative, Contemporary, etc., but also love Electronic, House, and Trance. These two headphones seem to embody a lot of the qualities I'm looking for, such as clean, deep bass that is not overpowering, good mids, and also clear and nice sounding highs. My main problem in making a final decision is really discerning the difference between the mids/highs/anything that isn't bass I guess between these two. Keep in mind I want Techno, Trance, House, and Electronic music to really sound it's best, so really whatever you guys with experience out there would say serves this purpose best.


If it helps, I have been using the Sennheiser 518 as my first real quality headphones for almost a year now. The main problem with these is that they are open headphones, so everyone around me can hear my music, and also I don't really have any other headphones to judge the sound quality of these with (besides the crappy Beats by Dre that other dancers I know think sound great   -_- lol). the 518's are honestly good, but I feel like based on the multitude of articles and forums I've looked at about these 2 headphones, they are simply better. 


I guess I also prefer over the ear headphones as opposed to ones that rest on your ear, but I'm willing to put that aside since I've read that both these headphones are very comfortable.


Thanks in advance for everyone who reply's, I appreciate your experience and willingness to help me pick my next set of cans :)

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Bump. I'm so anxious to buy one of these headphones, can't wait for your reply's beyersmile.png

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Woah now, NEWS FLASH


After an effective 2 hours of reading reviews on Amazon, watching all the Youtube review videos, reading discussion forums, etc., I think the V-Moda M-100's have just become the top contender. At first I didn't even consider them when looking for cans because the $300 price tag is pushing it, however everyone has been raving about it and it really just seems like an even better all around headphone than the lp2's (in a lot of different and specific ways) and people are claiming it is worth every penny dished out, being the best headphone they have ever listened to music on.


With that said, your input would be highly appreciated. Thanks o2smile.gif

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Well thanks for all the feedback guys lol


I ended up getting the M-100's!!!!!! beerchug.gif darthsmile.gif



My wallet may be hurting, however I hope they pay off and stand up to all the praise they have been getting. I just got them this evening, and have been using them for the past few hours! In comparison to my Sennheiser HD-518's, I honestly don't think there is that much of a difference in terms of sound :/ Well I'm not really sure completely, but that's what my ear has been telling me so far. It is less airy (due to being closed), so the sound is a little different, but the sound quality has more presence. I don't know, I think the 518's had a lot of bass to begin with for Senn's, so this isn't that big of change. But I think they're just being burned in or whatever, still a great set of cans so far, not only in terms of sound, but build and comfort (although I had to do the paper towel under the ear pad thing because my ears would touch the inside). 


I'll comment and update soon.

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This thread is hilarious.  I liked watching your solo conversation.  I totally know what you've been through looking for some input.  Sorry no one could help.  I'm starting to think about getting the LP2's or the M-100's.  I have a pair of Denon AH-D2000's that are really nice.  I like that the V-Moda's come with shorter cords and with mics.  I love to use headphones with my Galaxy S3 using PowerAMP.


What make you select the M-100's over the LP2's, you said (in a lot of different and specific ways)..  I'm leaning toward the sexy Crossfade LP2 Special Edition Matte Black Metal cause of price and looks.


Let us know how you like them.

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Originally Posted by Bohnster View Post

This thread is hilarious.  I liked watching your solo conversation. 


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I can't wait to get my hands on the M-100's, I tested them out at Brookstone and was blown away by how much bass depth and slam they had compared to the m-80, way more comfortable too. 

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