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HE-400 & LCD-2 question.

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So I'm about to buy one of these headphones.  I listen to a lot of bass heavy music and I have chosen these two out of the bunch.  I have two questions.


1.  Are the headbands on the HE-400s as bad as the HE-500/HE-6?  I read multiple reports that the headbands were rather large and weren't as suitable for people with smaller heads.


2.  If I could buy both, but wouldn't mind saving $500, is the HE-400 a good headphone for hip-hop, EDM, jazz, etc in comparison to the LCD-2?  I want to buy a pair of headphones that I will be happy with for a while. 



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Tough choice. The HE400 will definitely do the genres you want. The LCD2 will have slightly better bass, and more polite treble, but it's a big headphone and if you have a small head, might be pretty massive.


Very best,

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I don't have a small head but I read a lot of people say the HE-500 (or maybe it was HE-6) headband was really large.  I have an average sized head I would say.  More narrow though..

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My HE-500 headband was really large, I had it on the smallest setting and it barely fit.  The HE-400 I have now is much better sized, I'm about midway on the size setting.

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Thank you.  I think that cemented my purchase.  Appreciate the replies.

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